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Cool tech for a hot problem: KKT Chillers helps you prolong the life of your equipment

Cooling of flame spray systems, coating machines, as well as the double jacket of hardening ovens
– and its diffusion pumps.

Your equipment is going to experience everyday wear—it’s inevitable. The best way to avoid damage and get the most out of your investment in top-quality equipment? KKT Chillers cooling solutions and chillers.

With the corrosion that comes from heat, dust, debris, and liquid, your equipment is going to take a beating. Designed for industrial applications, our products can keep everything from factories to oil rigs running smoothly, no matter how harsh the environment.

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With complex development projects, it’s important to consider cooling from the beginning. KKT Chillers offers “Resident Engineering.” Our engineers will support your development process from start to finish, providing our extensive knowledge of cooling technology.

Surface Technology Applications

See how our chillers have been employed to assist with surface technology applications in the real world


Thermal spraying is a surface coating process applied to protect components and increase their service life. The process involves fusing spray materials inside or outside a burner, accelerating them in the form of spray particles in a gas flow, and thus affixing them to the surface of the component to be coated. Millions of spray particles hit the component surface and immediately harden, forming the coating layer. In this process, KKT chillers cool the burners.

Chillers for Diamond and Sputter Coating

Cooling the Coating Machine

Diamond and sputter coating increases the performance and productivity of cutting tools and components. A vacuum is applied to synthesize carbon into pure crystalline diamond in a hot filament procedure. A layer of several micrometers of diamond is deposited on carbide tools and other materials.

Sputtering is the process of changing the material to be vaporized directly from a solid to a gaseous state. This is then deposited on a material, forming a solid layer.

KKT chillers cool the entire coating machine.

Chillers for Induction Hardening

Cooling of Inductors and Control Cabinets

Inductive surface hardening improved the wear resistance and fatigue strength  of components like crankshafts. The effect of correlations between electronic fields and the components is called induction.

The component is surrounded by a copper coil that’s flushed with cooling water at high pressure. When AC voltage is connected to the inductor, Foucault currents are induced in the component. They’re then heated up and subsequently quenched.

KKT chillers cool the inductors and control cabinets.

Chillers for Vacuum Brazing

Cooling of the Vacuum Furnace

Furnace brazing is a brazing procedure in which brazing parts are heated in a furnace with preplaced filler material. To keep cleaned brazing parts from oxidizing, the process is carried out in a controlled atmosphere.

KKT chillers cool the shells, seals and power units of the vacuum furnace.


Over our designers and technicians combined decades of experience, they have customized every cooling solution you could think of. High-pressure, existing cooling networks or no cooling network at all, emergency cooling situations, conductivity parameters—if you have a problem that we haven’t faced, we’ll work with you to fix it.

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No one plans on a system breakdown, but they’re sometimes inevitable. At KKT Chillers, we’re here to help 24/7, 365 days a year. Our close-knit global service network ensures swift and reliable maintenance and repair services. We’re happy to help with any chiller issue you encounter.


With our customizable and modular systems, it’s easy to get the right chiller system for your equipment. Find your perfect chiller and learn all about it by contacting us today!

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