Cooling of MRI’s, CT’s, X-Ray’s, solenoids and helium compressors

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MRI scanners use magnetic fields to create maps of the human body and its internal organs in order to identify and diagnose problems on a molecular level. To keep MRI scanners operating at the highest levels of efficiency, MRI chillers are used to keep the magnet inside as cool as possible. KKT chillers is an expert in the field of medical process chillers, including MRI cooling systems as well as other technologies that cool biograph systems, CT scans, blood analyzers, and more. KKT chillers’ standard MRI machine chiller systems are specifically developed to suit the individual products and product series of medical device manufacturers. Once we have the basics, we work one-on-one with each customer to adapt our systems to the specific needs of each medical application. To make certain every chilling project gets precisely the right cooling solution, KKT chillers offers an in-house “Engineering Expert.” This expert brings their expertise in the field of cooling technology into the development process at an early stage to address all the complexities of each application.

We design both water and air-cooled MRI scanner chillers for the medical community. Our chillers have been rigorously tested and consistently perform at the highest levels to meet the stringent requirements of medical equipment manufacturers. It’s not hard to see why KKT chillers stands out from other MRI chiller manufacturers as a leader for innovation and quality. Contact us and let’s get you the MRI chiller system you need.

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MEdical Imaging “MRI”

Cooling of the superconducting magnet and the required helium compressor of an MRI system.


Medical Imaging “MRI”


Cooling of the superconducting magnet and the required helium compressor of an MRI system.

Installation Site:

California, USA


High availability of the cooling due to an extremely reliable operation of the chiller as well as a close tolerance at the supply temperature to the MRI consumers.


ECO 133 L (Cooling capacity 60kW), special redundancy through two compressors and two fans; a high update/availability rate of the chiller can be reached by regular maintenance (2x per year)

Product For Use:

Sectional views of the human body in medical diagnostics


Implementation by service technicians of KKT chillers, Inc., USA.