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Our Brand

Originating from the KKT Kraus Company, the current KKT chillers brand is an important pillar within ait-deutschland GmbH.



The chiller solutions of KKT chillers are always customized to fit your industrial application. This way you can be sure that your facilities are cooled reliably and energy-efficiently. Trust those who know: The KKT chillers team has decades of experience in thermodynamic processes and understands what users need. The resulting product portfolio ranges from serial production-oriented devices with a cooling capacity of 1 to 200 kW to customized products.

A high degree of innovation, customer-focussed approach, and development and production ‘Made in Germany’ – these factors are the basis of the global success in the cooling sector.

The Technology Center at the Kasendorf location is at the cutting-edge of development laboratories and test institutes. The state of the art centre amalgamates the latest inspection and testing standards.

KKT chillers has long become a full-fledged global player in the chiller market, thanks to the sites in Germany, USA and China as well as the global service network.