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Whether it's permafrost in Siberia, tropical conditions in Vietnam or extreme heat in Oman, with the high-tech chillers from KKT chillers,
you can always remain cool when you need to cool your medical or industrial applications.

For 30 years, KKT chillers has provided industrial chiller systems and medical applications chillers in even the most difficult climates.
Whether you’re dealing with continuous frost or sweltering heat, our chillers meet your requirements. KKT chillers was built
on continuous innovation, which is why we’re committed to delivering industrial cooling systems that suit our client’s
needs no matter what. If you need a cooling system for high-powered technology such as CPUs or printers, food and
packaging, or medical applications, we have a solution for you. Have a cooling issue with no easy fix? We won’t be deterred.
Call us today to discuss your options.

Our industrial cooling systems are available for installation all over the globe. We provide around-the-clock service, which means we’re always
available to answer questions and provide troubleshooting services.


    Innovation is our Standard.
    Cooling capacity from 1 up to 200 kW


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For over 30 years, KKT chillers has been developing and producing energy-efficient
chiller solutions for customers’ medical and industrial applications.

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  • Plastics Industry

    Cooling of rollers, granulation lines, tools and
    hydraulics of injection molding machines.


    Cooling of welding tools, welding heads, as well as the work pieces and the weld seams itself.

  • Filtration

    Cooling of water treatment systems
    and filter production processes.


    Cooling of high power motors in the mining industry, analysis – and measurement equipment, industrial processes requiring simultaneous heating and cooling.

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  • Healthcare

    Cooling of MRI's, CT's, X-Ray's, Solenoids and Helium Compressors.

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    Cooling of blow molding machines, as well as their actuators, film lines, cutting stations for blister packaging and film converting machines.

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  • Laser Technology

    Cooling of Resonators,
    Optics and Laser Heads.

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    Cooling of production processes for pharmaceutical
    articles as well as laboratory equipment.

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  • Surface Technology

    Cooling of flame spray systemscoating machines,
    as well as the double jacket of hardening
    ovens and its diffusion pumps.

  • Electronic Industry

    Cooling of generators, frequency transformer,
    high power CPU’s and measurement.

  • Chemical & Pharma

    Cooling of production processes for pharmaceutical
    articles as well as laboratory equipment.

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  • Printing Industry

    Cooling of color decks, UV lamps,
    spindles and actuators.