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Responsible behavior, innovation and the development of products and services that help to save energy in society have a long tradition. Read more about Nibe’s sustainability management.

Energy Saving System

Active refrigerating machines are required when no low temperature level is available that can be utilized for cooling purposes. However, as the outside air temperature is very often below the desired process temperature, it is also possible to relieve the refrigerating machine by including a free-cooling system.

In this process, the cold external air is led via ventilators to a register through which the process medium passes so that, depending on the temperature level, the active refrigeration circuit can be shut off in parts or even entirely, entailing a reduction of operation costs of up to more than 60%, depending on the installation location.

The payback period for such a system can be determined for a specific project as part of the business case.

KKT chillers’s Energy Saving Systems can be incorporated in a variety of ways and can be applied and optimized for the specific demand.

For the good of
the environment

As a technology-oriented brand within ait-deutschland GmbH, KKT chillers is concerned with sustainability from the production of all its products onwards. For instance, ait-deutschland applies specifically developed energy sources based on heat pump technology for the heating and cooling processes in her production and administration buildings. Moreover, servers at the site in Kasendorf are cooled via a KKT chillers free-cooling system.

When it comes to selecting materials, KKT chillers gives preference to materials that can be recycled. In addition, only components with the highest efficiency level will be qualified. Last but not least, KKT chillers makes a contribution to responsible resource management by applying the great expertise in developing refrigeration concepts we have acquired over the past decades.

Thanks to this consistent philosophy of sustainability, KKT chillers is able to create energy-efficient chiller and heat pump solutions for your application.

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