Filtration systems keep metal particles and debris out of machine tool processes. But what keeps the actual filtration machine from overheating? Chillers from KKT Chillers.

Cooling Filtration Systems

A cooling filtration system is important in metalworking because it helps to maintain the efficiency of the filtration process. By keeping temperatures low, contaminants are less likely to build up and cause clogs or other issues within the system. Safety is also a concern with high temperatures because they can potentially cause combustion or other hazardous events.

At KKT Chillers, we provide high-efficiency chillers that can handle any metalworking filtration application.

KKT Chillers Enhance Filtration Systems

Our KKT Chillers are designed to cool fluids used in metalworking filtration systems and optimize the filtration machines. Our chillers are built with digital temperature control and precise monitoring capabilities so you can ensure optimal performance. 

They are highly reliable, require minimal maintenance, and come with a 12-months parts and labor warranty for peace of mind. With KKT Chillers, you can be sure that your filtration system is running optimally and safely.

Why Partner with KKT Chillers?

After more than 30 years of designing chillers, we’ve helped thousands of businesses improve their cooling processes. Our chillers are designed to last for decades with minimal maintenance requirements. We strive to deliver the best chillers in the industry for safer and more efficient metalworking filtration.

We partner with manufacturers of all sizes to create custom chiller solutions that meet their exact needs. And we don’t shy away from a challenge—whether you’re located in Las Vegas or Upstate New York, we can create any chiller to your needs.

Make Filtration Machines Safe

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