Beakers full of fluid

chemical & pharmaceuticals

Cooling of production processes for pharmaceutical articles as well as laboratory equipment.

preparation of sterile solutions

Cooling water for injections


Production of sterile solutions, water for injection agents, and cell culture media


Cooling of water for injection purposes 1) via jacketed tank and plate heat exchanger station

Installation Site:



Chiller with heat exchanger station for outdoor installation and ambient temperatures of between -20°C and 35°C

1) Water for Injection (WFI) by definition is water that is intended for use in the manufacture of medicines for parenteral administration whose solvent is water or water that is used to dissolve or dilute substances or preparations for parenteral administration.


2x cBoxX 100 (Cooling Capacity 60 kW) with TPS 60

Product Of The End-User:

Water for injection purposes, customer-specific and standardized cell culture media as well as sterile solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry


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