Is Your PVD Coating Equipment Safe

Brushed metal plate

PVD Coating and Benefits

PVD coating offers many benefits making it a superior choice to traditional electroplating. PVD coating technology offers owners a way to protect their assets and their business’s bottom line. 

When considering how best to protect your metal assets, consider the benefits of PVD coating:

  • Highly Durable-four times the strength of chrome
  • Maintenance Free-needs to be cleaned infrequently
  • Chip Resistant-surface strength second to a diamond
  • Rust Repellent-outer layer will not erode
  • Lustrous Shine-glossy finish
  • Hypoallergenic-safe for various products
  • Environmentally Responsible Coating Choice
  • Able to survive Impact

PVD Coating Equipment Safety

PVD Coating equipment is expensive to purchase. Some products used for coating can be volatile. Excessive wear and tear to equipment or overheating could cause accidents. 

To protect the equipment and operator, follow safety protocols, and keep equipment in good working condition. Here are several ways to keep your operators safe and your equipment in good working condition.

Train Your Personnel

Your employers are the first-line protection against accidents and faulty equipment. Your facility must have a solid training program with a multi-tiered approach to safety. First, the employee must look to their safety. Next, they should look to their neighbor’s safety. Last, all employees should understand your site safety plan. 

Review your site safety plan continually and revise it when needs occur. All employees should understand their responsibility to the plan, and supervisors should act quickly if there is an issue with an employee or equipment. Log all safety events immediately and accurately. Finally, make site safety a daily conversation.

Plan for the Disposal of Toxic Materials

Your disposal plan for toxic or volatile materials should include a robust system designed to handle high volumes. Most businesses employ a pumping system with pumps designed to withstand the damaging nature of these materials. Installing the proper equipment for disposal is vital to your site’s safety.

Map Out Material Safety

Keep an awareness about the materials being used and how they may react to oxygen or water. Install safety equipment like dry glove boxes to avoid accidents. Create a cleaning protocol for machine parts whether you choose to clean in-house or ship the parts for cleaning. 

Keep in mind that you will need a procedure to dispose of any cleaning accessories used to avoid cross-contamination.

Install Specialized Venting

The exhaust system helps vent air and cool equipment. However, toxic materials require a special approach. First, provide your employees with PPE for any maintenance tasks in this area. Next, ensure that you have invested in equipment like gas scrubbers to help ease toxic fumes.

Invest in Chillers for PVD Equipment

Perhaps the best option for keeping your coating equipment operational is chillers designed to regulate the temperature in the chamber. Protecting your equipment from overheating is vital to site safety. Chillers keep warm chambers from malfunctioning and allow your coating equipment to run more efficiently.

When you are considering chillers, you want a brand that can provide you with the best practices for safely using your PVD coating equipment. Chillers for PVD Equipment are designed to provide you with that peace of mind and is specified to your business’s unique needs.

Determine Next Steps

If you follow the suggestions above, your PVD coating safety issues should be eliminated during the installation or functioning of your coating system. Proactive planning can help save your business thousands of dollars and hours in time. More importantly, you prevent possible injury to your team.