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1-7 kW


Our Nema-Line industrial chillers are small units with a big effect. This energy efficient cooling system is perfect for situations
in which space is limited or a smaller area needs to be cooled. Nema-Line chillers are easy to use and made with a top-fill
design. They’re fitted with a front-hinged panel that provides instant access to the chiller’s interior, making maintenance quick
and simple.

Nema-Line industrial chillers are manufactured and available globally. Whether you need cooling solutions to combat sweltering
heat or tackle freezing temperatures, the Nema-Line chiller can keep up with your requirements.
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Nema – Line chillers 
  • UL & CE Approvals
  • Non-ferrous coolant circuit
  • Stainless steel brazed plate evaporator
  • Peripheral pump with a wide flow & pressure range
  • Hermetic compressor with R-134a refrigerant


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