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OEM Solutions

A Great Partner, right from the start

KKT chillers now offers customer-focused solutions in cooperation with OEM chiller manufacturers
so you can make sure your cooling needs are met right from the start.
We understand that the beginning of a development project can be overwhelming
and present many puzzles to solve. We mitigate this challenge by integrating early stage
cooling components into project development.

That’s why KKT chillers offers ‘Resident Engineering’ services, a professional technician to
help you incorporate OEM chillers into your development plan. Accounting
for the cooling solutions your business requires will, in most cases, save you money.
Our cooling solutions are perfect for a variety of industries. To learn more about our OEM solutions
services, contact us today.

  • Nema Line

    Cooling capacity 1 - 7 kW
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  • Vario Line

    Cooling capacity 6 - 28 kW
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  • Compact Line

    Cooling capacity 30 - 200 kW
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  • OEM Solutions

    Designed for you.
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    Cooling capacity 200 - 1.000 kW
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