How Chilling Your Surface Coating Equipment Protects Your Investment

Man in a protective suit surface coating metal parts

Wear and tear are inevitable—every piece of equipment will deteriorate over time, no matter how well it’s maintained. But there’s one thing you can do to prolong your company’s investment: use a high-tech industrial chiller for your surface coating equipment.

What Is Surface Coating?

Surface coating is the process of coating the surface of a material with an overlay such as powder, film, or bulk to protect them from scratches, chips, heat, and other damage. It minimizes corrosion and helps your equipment maintain its appearance and functionality for longer.

It’s impossible to avoid dust and debris in your workspace, especially if your equipment is in a high-traffic, industrial environment. But with surface coating, all of that dust and dirt won’t be able to penetrate the machinery’s exterior shell—protecting it from harmful damage and keeping your system running efficiently.

Installing a chiller in your surface coating machine will ensure it doesn’t overheat and get damaged in the process.

How a Chiller Benefits Your Surface Coating Equipment (and Your Revenue)

Using a chiller in your surface coating equipment is one of the best things you can do to protect your equipment and comes with benefits like:

  • Improved longevity and durability. With the protection of a chiller, your equipment won’t overheat or be exposed to too much heat over time. Excess heat causes expensive wear and tear to your machine.
  • Reduced maintenance costs. Since your machinery won’t be damaged as quickly, you won’t have to shell out for costly maintenance and repairs.
  • Improved efficiency. A chiller can even improve the performance of your equipment by preventing the heat that affects its optimal operation.
  • Better resale value.  By keeping your surface coating equipment in top shape, you’ll get better resale value when the time comes to upgrade.

If you want to protect your surface coating equipment from wear and tear, a chiller is a simple way to increase its longevity and maintain its efficiency. With minimal effort, you can get the most out of your equipment for years to come.

Improve Your Equipment with KKT Chillers

Using a chiller is a bit like adding armor to your hard-working machinery. It’s a simple and effective choice that will help you save money by avoiding everyday wear and tear.

Your equipment is one of your most valuable assets, so why not protect it with expert chillers from KKT Chillers? We believe that cooling is one of the best ways to improve the performance and longevity of your equipment. Our team has years of experience in chiller units for surface coating machines and can help you protect your investment in equipment.

To keep your equipment in its best condition, KKT maintenance gives you access to:

  • Planned maintenance visits
  • Discounts on parts and labor
  • Glycol top-offs
  • 24/7 service coverage
  • OEM replacement parts

A chiller keeps your machinery in good working order so you don’t have to worry about it. Want to find the best chiller for your surface coating equipment? Give us a call today, we’ll help you find the right model. We’ll even help you keep it in tip-top shape.