5 Things You Didn’t Know About Chillers

Chillers have become an essential HVAC component for a wide range of commercial facilities from hotels and hospitals to restaurants, sporting arenas, and even industrial and manufacturing plants. If you’re getting ready to invest in a new industrial chiller, there are a few key facts you should know about them.

1. Chillers Can Save Your Business Money

Modern industrial chillers are more efficient than ever, and many meet energy efficiency minimum requirements. This increased energy efficiency can add up to thousands of dollars in your business’s pocket.

2. Chillers Are Environmentally Friendly 

There are even chillers these days that are eco-friendly. These industrial chillers will give you the most cost savings in the long term because they run super-efficiently. Cooling keeps your machines safe and productive, which leads to a faster manufacturing process.  

3. Chillers Improve Quality Control

Quality control is an integral part of a business that allows you to save money while keeping customers happy. It’s vital to ensure there are safeguards in place in case technology fails, and to protect your organization from a hard financial hit in terms of lost data and revenue should a disaster occur.

Preventative measures are key to minimizing the side effects of a disaster. An industrial chiller is one way to do this, decreasing the risk that your equipment will break down. Industrial chillers ensure your equipment functions safely around-the-clock. 

When equipment breaks down, it can also break the bank. When you ensure you take all measures to stop equipment failures and deal with them when they do happen, you will save yourself a lot of time and money.

4. Industrial Chiller Training

It’s one thing to know how to use your equipment, but knowing how to teach someone else how to use it is a different story. HVAC chiller training should be a key feature for all equipment you buy. You should also expect the company from which you buy your chiller to help you learn about the equipment so you can learn best practices to operate it and handle any problems without having to rely on a service call.

At KKT Chillers, we offer online HVAC chiller training programs to help you become certified in any application-specific chillers we offer. Chiller training programs come with different levels to grant you access to additional troubleshooting, case studies, and priority tech support as you need it.

5. Chiller Use Spans Many Industries

Industrial chillers are used for controlled cooling of products, mechanisms, and factory machinery in a broad range of industries, including food processing and preparation, pharmaceuticals, commercial printing, metal finishing, laser cutting, and transportation manufacturing. 

Chillers are also commonly used in the medical field. Medical chillers are most frequently used to keep medical equipment running smoothly. They are also used to help lower patients’ body temperatures during certain procedures and maintain proper temperatures for medical samples.

There’s a lot to learn about chillers and how they can benefit your business. However, no business or industry is the same, so it’s important to keep in mind your specific needs when it comes to chillers.