What to Look for in an Industrial Chiller

On first thought, choosing an industrial chiller may not seem like that big of a deal. It is true that all chillers perform the same primary function, but the similarities end there. In order to achieve maximum effectiveness and satisfaction from your industrial chiller, there are some things you should look for.

Is a Chiller the Best Solution for Your Needs?

Cooling needs vary depending on many factors; like the type of equipment you use and the functions you need. Chillers work well for temperature regulation in machines that use water and other fluids. Chillers are frequently used in the healthcare field, food and beverage services, and some in factories. 

An industrial chiller regulates the exact temperature you need, which in turn lessens the risk of an equipment breakdown by ensuring your equipment is functioning safely at all times. You can also purchase sensors to go along with your chiller to monitor the equipment and prevent or deal with any failures that arise before they turn into serious issues.

Choose the Appropriate Size Chiller

First and foremost, you must choose the right size chiller to ensure functionality, optimal performance, and maximum cost efficiency. The optimal size is based on how much heat your application generates, plus additional power required to maintain temperature under varying loads. 

When you work with an experienced chiller technician, they will help you choose the best-sized chiller to meet your needs.

Use Chiller Performance Curves

You can use the chiller performance curves to help you choose a chiller model that will meet or exceed the required capacity based on the chilled water supply’s temperature and the highest expected ambient air temperature. You should consider the application’s safety margin as it relates to available frame sizes to maximize your chiller’s value.

Check Pump Performance Curves 

Next, check the available pump performance curves to make sure the pump will provide enough pressure at the design flow rate that will satisfy the application. Keep in mind that some liquid-cooled systems contain small coolant flow paths or longer distances with higher pressure than average.

Environmental Friendliness 

An environmentally friendly chiller can save not only the environment, but it can also save your business thousands of dollars a year— and it doesn’t hurt your public image either. Cooling keeps your machines safe and efficient, which allows for faster manufacturing. 

With an industrial chiller, you can stop worrying about how efficient your machines are and turn your energy toward making your business the best it can be.

Custom OEM Chillers

If you are having trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for in a chiller, consider purchasing from a company with custom OEM chiller solutions. When it comes to highly complex and long-term development projects, it makes a lot of sense to consider the issue of process and component cooling early on.