New Service Bases In China


Demand for service availability for chillers in Asia is increasing

The demand for chillers and equipment for cooling industrial processes from Kasendorf is increasing and the KKT chillers brand is reacting to the demands of the market within a very short time. The latest investment: Service outlets in China to provide a smooth service to customers in this part of the world too.

With an indirect export share of 85 percent, it was only a matter of time before KKT chillers had to provide its major customers such as Krones, Amada, Siemens, Philips, and GE Healthcare with a smooth service in China.

So-called turnkey solutions are offered, from the preparation of the mechanical installation plans, the complete planning and implementation of pipework as well as the commissioning of the chillers with or without system dividers.

Demand for these solutions increased by just under 90 percent in just a few months. The requirement to develop an offer from commissioning to complete solutions in the field of cooling technology with three bases in China is being implemented with great effort.

In April of this year, the service base “East” and at the same time head office in Suzhou, about 100 km west of Shanghai, was opened in China. Another service base is located in northern China,   in the Chinese capital Beijing. In total, six new employees work in the service offices. The two bases “South” and “West” are already in the concept phase.

The demands for all-round carefree packages for customers and the current development suggest a potential increase of the production volume until 2018. Even though experts predict that macroeconomic growth in a country like China will be rather skeptical compared to previous years, there is a consensus that in the field of medicine there are still very good sales opportunities due to the pent-up demand for companies willing to invest.

In addition, ait-deutschland GmbH must continue to invest in order to process the market and the great signal effect in China for the entire Southeast Asian region. Ait-deutschland sees great potential in increasing sales in Singapore and Malaysia in particular. First projects are about to be realized.