The New Vario-Line From KKT Chillers


Efficient. Variable. Innovative.

Optimized refrigeration technology 

KKT chillers is launching eight new chillers, the Vario-Line, which always automatically adapt their cooling capacity to their application and therefore work very precisely and cost-effectively. The variable refrigeration cycle covers a power range from 6 to 28 kW.

Standard equipment includes speed-controlled components such as compressor and fan as well as an electronic expansion valve. KKT chillers relies on the high-efficiency refrigerant R410A in conjunction with a compact microchannel condenser. Due to the small refrigerant charge, additional maintenance costs are saved and the chillers of the Vario-Line are not logistically classified as dangerous goods. The intuitive, multilingual plain text display ensures a high degree of user-friendliness and fits perfectly into the compactly designed industrial housing.

Using the in-house software, a control accuracy of less than +/- 0.5 K can be achieved without the use of additional components. Digital data management includes all relevant control variables such as temperatures, pressures and tank levels.  

With an ambient temperature range of -20 ° C to 50 ° C, the Vario-Line ensures safe operation without the use of special components. Thanks to a wide variety of options in the water cycle, each vBoxX adapts individually to the respective customer application. Worldwide, the Vario-Line u.a. can be used in the machine tool and laser industry as well as in the healthcare sector. Special solutions that go beyond this can be realized on an application-specific basis.

Custom-made services

“As load fluctuations often occur in industrial processes, the thermal load is only rarely stable. As a result, chillers today are often larger in size for a large proportion of the load paths than would actually be necessary. Relatively large emissions and excessive energy costs have often been the result” says Sascha Paulus, Product Manager at KKT chillers, describing the starting point before the Vario-Line was released.

“The Vario-Line offers a solution here by using a speed-controlled compressor and a speed-controlled fan. Thanks to a continuously regulating, electronic expansion valve, the cooling capacity of the Vario-Line is automatically adapted to the currently existing load profile of the respective application. As a result, only the amount of energy that is needed is generated” adds Paulus.

The Vario-Line is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. The design adapts perfectly to the Red Dot award winner Compact Line. For example, the basic units of the Vario-Line in RAL 7035 are made of light gray, with the designer sheet extending over the controller display in the center of the unit. The name of the new series from KKT chillers alludes to the variable equipment and the wide range of applications. kkt_chillers_pm_vario-line_2015.docx