Why Your MRI Machine Needs a Medical Chiller

Patient and nurse during an MRI

Specialized machinery like an MRI machine is one of your facility’s most valued assets. Magnetic resonance imaging offers doctors and patients the kind of advanced imaging that can detect many injuries and illnesses that other types of examinations may miss1280

MRIs Bring the Heat

An MRI uses magnets and radio waves to produce detailed images from inside the human body without surgery or other invasive measures. The MRI produces no radiation and is safer than other imaging methods such as CT scans and X-rays. 

This technology has become quite common, especially in Japan and the United States, with many patients and medical professionals preferring this type of scan over other less advanced or more invasive methods.

MRI machines do bring some challenges with them, however. Because the magnets used in this equipment are quite strong, they produce a great deal of heat. In fact, you must cool the superconducting magnet and the helium compressor at all times, or the liquid helium that keeps the temperature under control will boil away, potentially ruining the machine—or, at minimum, causing you excessive downtime. 

Why KKT Medical MRI Chillers Are Essential

Your patients cannot afford to wait for their MRIs, and you do not want to lose business because your system is faulty. That’s why a KKT medical chiller is essential equipment for your medical facility. 

KKT is a premier medical chiller manufacturer. Our direct and indirect chillers are reliable and energy-efficient. We also design our systems to last with state-of-the-art components that will sync with MRI cooling demands for years to come. 

Plus, we can customize these systems for your specific MRI machine. And you do not have to wait until the unit is on-site; you can begin this process while you are in the planning stage of new MRI acquisition. 

KKT even simplifies the shipping process. Because refrigerant filling levels are below the statutory threshold, our medical chillers do not require a dangerous goods declaration. And because our units are lighter than many other models, the cost to ship is less expensive. 

You risk damaging your MRI, your patients’ health, and your facility’s reputation if you do not regulate your MRI’s temperature properly. One of our MRI chillers can prevent these problems and keep your advanced imaging department running smoothly.

Final Thoughts

No one doubts the value of an MRI, but the machines that create this imaging solution are complex and require thoughtful, proactive maintenance. Investing in a medical chiller is not an extraordinary measure, but an essential one. An MRI machine is going to produce excessive heat, so it requires a medical chiller that can cool it effectively. For more information on a KKT MRI chiller, visit our contact page and find your regional representative or fill out a brief contact form.