3 Tips for Protecting Your MRI Machine from Damage

MRI machine technician and MRI chiller

MRI machines are an amazing investment to your medical office—they can help diagnose issues quickly and accurately—but they are just that: an investment. MRI machines can cost anywhere from $150,000 to $3 million. With something that expensive and vital to your operations, you’ll want to make sure you take steps to protect your purchase–like using an MRI chiller.

Most MRIs have a life cycle of 12.8 years but without the right care, they can wear down quickly. Here are three tips to help keep your MRI machine safe and in top condition.

1. Regularly Train Employees on Best Use Practices

MRI machines are an invaluable piece of medical technology, but like any expensive equipment, they require special care to ensure they last and remain in top condition. Regularly training employees on best-use practices is one key way to protect your MRI machine from damage. 

Training should include a comprehensive overview of the system’s features and functions as well as proper safety procedures when working with the machinery. Employees should also be familiar with basic maintenance tasks such as changing filters and cleaning coils regularly to keep their MRI machine running optimally at all times. 

Encourage your employees to avoid overuse or misuse by scheduling appointments appropriately throughout the day. Too many back-to-back scans or long periods without any activity can cause wear and tear on parts of the system that would otherwise not get used much if you spread out scan times more evenly throughout each day.

Additionally, try to limit how many times the system is moved. MRI machines are quite large and bulky, so it’s important to make sure that when it does need to be moved, it’s done by a qualified professional who can ensure correct handling. 

At KKT Chillers, we offer comprehensive virtual training programs, so your whole staff can get to know your MRI machines and how to keep them working properly.

2. Keep an Eye on Temperature—Use an MRI Chiller

Another great way to protect your MRI machine is to keep an eye on the temperature. Warm temperatures can cause the internal components of an MRI machine to start malfunctioning and breaking down easily. While cooling fans can help keep the system running cool, it’s still important to invest in an MRI chiller to ensure that your system is always operating at optimal temperatures.

An MRI chiller will monitor the temperature of your system and help keep it running cool. This will protect all of the internal components from damage due to overheating, which could complicate or even render the machine unusable.

Choosing Your MRI Chiller

You can choose from a water- or air-cooled chiller; it will depend on your system and existing set-up. Water-cooled chillers use a closed-loop cooling system to cool the condenser, where water is pumped through the chiller and then back to its original source for cooling purposes. Air-cooled chillers use fan coils to cool the condenser instead of using water.

Water-cooled chillers are more efficient than their air-cooled counterparts, as they typically provide greater energy efficiency in higher ambient temperatures and consume less electricity than air chillers or other conventional cooling systems. Additionally, since a closed loop system can be used with most types of refrigerants such as ammonia or CO2, these systems offer improved safety over traditional air conditioning units that require freon gas or similar chemicals for operation.

Air-cooled chillers mean simplicity when it comes to installation due to their lack of external components like pumps or radiators—meaning no need for additional building modifications during setup—yet at the same time, noise levels may be higher due to fan motors being located directly outside your facility.

An MRI chiller is the most important line of defense against potential damage to your MRI machine, so make sure you invest in one to keep it running smoothly. If you’d like more information about how an MRI chiller works and how it protects your MRI, take a look here.

3. Have a Maintenance Plan in Place

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Having a maintenance plan in place is critical for protecting your MRI machine from damage over time. A regular maintenance routine will help you identify any potential problems with the machine before they become costly repairs.

Start by performing basic maintenance tasks such as cleaning coils and changing filters regularly. You may also want to establish a schedule for more in-depth inspections of the system’s hardware and software, which should be performed at least once a year. Doing so can help you identify any potential issues early on and prevent more costly repairs in the future.

Prolong the Life of Your MRI Machine With KKT Chillers

Your patients deserve the best care, and that means keeping your MRI machine in top condition. For premium MRI chillers that will help protect your system, KKT Chillers has the solutions you need. 

We provide comprehensive maintenance plans and top-of-the-line cooling systems that are customized to your practice. Schedule a call with us for more information on how we can help you protect and prolong the life of your MRI machine.