5 Features to Look for in a Laser Chiller

manufacturing worker with laser chiller

In the manufacturing business, equipment is your most important asset. And as much as everyone would love for the initial price to be the only investment, it’s vital to consider maintenance. For your laser systems, which create intense heat and require precise temperature control during operation, this means investing in a high-quality laser chiller.

But what should you look for when making your selection? We’ve put together five features to consider before buying.

The Importance of a Chiller for Laser Performance

Without a chiller, the heat generated by lasers can cause damage to other components of a machine or product being manufactured. The chiller maintains an optimal temperature range that allows the laser to perform at peak efficiency, while also protecting against costly repairs or equipment replacements due to overheating.

If you’re looking for a way to lower energy consumption and extend the lifespan of your laser, a chiller is the answer. Here’s how to find a high-quality laser chiller that will work for your business.

Customizable or Modular Options

If you’re looking for a chiller that can be customized to meet your specific requirements, modular chillers offer the flexibility and scalability needed. This type of chiller is made up of individual components, which can be added or removed as needed. It’s also easy to upgrade a modular system without having to buy an entirely new one.

Every business is different—maybe you’re working with tight floor space or need something to work with a unique laser system. A high-quality chiller manufacturer will be able to customize a modular system that will solve your problem and still extend the life of your equipment.

Air- or Water-Cooled Systems

The type of cooling system you select is critical. Air-cooled chillers use fans to cool the laser, while water-cooled systems use a closed loop of cooled water passing through the machine. Water-cooled systems provide greater precision and more consistent temperatures but require a larger footprint than an air-cooled system.

Constant Digital Monitoring

A laser chiller with a digital display allows you to constantly monitor the performance of your machine. This feature can alert you if temperatures are veering out of range and let you make adjustments as needed. If a problem does arise, it’s easier to diagnose with this type of system.

Maintenance and Warranty

Whether you’re looking for a new system or to upgrade an existing one, maintenance is key. Make sure you work with a manufacturer that offers regular maintenance and a long-term warranty so that your laser chiller will be kept in optimal working order.

Reliable Manufacturers

A reputable laser chiller manufacturer will be able to provide you with a system that is tailored to your needs. Look for companies that have been in the industry for a while and can provide references from satisfied customers.

Protect Your Investment With KKT Chillers

For the last 30 years, KKT Chillers has created high-quality laser chillers with an uptime of 99.8% and 24/7 maintenance service. Customers have brought complicated system requirements to our technicians and we’ve come up with a custom solution every time.

And with our four different maintenance plans, your equipment is sure to last. Contact us today to find out how KKT Chillers can help prolong the life of your assets.