What Can Vacuum Furnace Chillers Do for My Business?

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What Is a Vacuum Furnace Chiller?

Why Are Vacuum Furnace Chillers Important?

Vacuum furnace chillers are an essential component of a vacuum furnace. Water temperature can easily increase and force the system to shut down. This is an issue that’s frequently overlooked while working with vacuum furnaces. 

What Happens to a Vacuum Furnace Over Time?

After a long period of use, the vacuum furnace’s molybdenum heating body will eventually melt. The engineers who designed the vacuum furnace took several steps to mitigate the risk of failure over time. 

The construction size of the heating wire of a vacuum furnace, such as the spiral resistance wire, is designed with special attention paid to the bending diameter, pitch, and middle diameter of the heating element to ensure it has the necessary strength at high temperatures and does not harden, collapse or sag. 

The typical range of 100 to 200 millimeters. It can also securely attach to prevent the resistance wire from slipping.

What’s the Purpose of Using Biodegradable Water Cooling Treatment in a Vacuum Furnace Chiller?

The purpose of biodegradable and chemically assisted ways to treat cooling water is to keep minerals suspended and decrease sediment formation in rubber pipes, snake pipes and water jackets so that water flow is smooth. 

An automatic apparatus analyses the water’s electrical conductivity, refills chemicals, flushes waterways and adds freshwater. This method also guarantees pH management of the water in combination with the associated vapor filter system, preventing the deposition of excess minerals in the cooling water system. 

To avoid overtreatment or irregularity, perform water quality testing at least once a month once the system has stabilized. The Nema Line industrial chiller exemplifies a smaller unit with big impact on its heating areas.

Why Should You Check Vacuum Furnace Chillers?

Conduct weight loss tests yearly to check the treatment impact. The serpentine cooler for diffusion pumps requires special care and regular checks. 

What Can Vacuum Furnace Chillers Do for Your Business?

The most common use for the vacuum furnace chiller is in the heat treatment of various types of steel. Rapid tool steels, steels for hot or cold working tools, martensitic stainless steels, precipitation hardening steels and so on. 

With a vacuum furnace chiller installed at your plant, you can expect to maximize efficiency and safety.