What Size of Industrial Chiller Do You Need

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If you’re looking to take your facility to the next level, then investing in an efficient chilling system is a must. Don’t let the abundance of machines and their types confuse you — differentiating between systems, chiller sizing, and finding the right one for you and your company will become a breeze with our guide. 

To understand the nuances of industrial chillers, let’s dive into what they are and their uses.

What Is an Industrial Chiller?

Put simply, industrial chillers are technologies that extract heat and assist in cooling industrial machines of all kinds.This process works through a heat transfer that starts when water enters “the evaporator from the primary return” which leads to the transfer of water from the refrigerant.

The chiller is essential for cooling equipment and technology that uses HVAC. These industrial chillers expend a significant amount of heat. This issue of where excess heat goes is solved via two means of chilling systems:

1. Air-Cooled Chiller

  • The condensers use environmental air for the chilling process

2. Water-Cooled Chiller

  • The condensers use a cooling tower for the chilling process

Which Chiller Is Best for Your Facility?

According to HVAC Investigators, water chillers tend to be more reliable and last longer than their air-cooled counterparts: “water conducts heat better than air.” The lifespan of water-cooled chillers makes them better for “medium and larger facilities,” such as hospitals. 

The key factor in these chilling systems is their water supply. To efficiently use a water-cooled system the facility must have a steady supply of water to fuel the chiller. Smaller facilities tend to opt for an air-cooled chiller because of its smaller size. If there isn’t enough water or a large enough space, you will not get the benefit of a water-cooled chiller. 

As such, it is better to opt for an air-cooled chiller system that provides efficient and reliable chilling to facilities such as business buildings and restaurants. When choosing the right industrial chiller, it’s important to consider the processes that each machine uses for heat expenditure. 

Understanding their uses and your needs ensures proper chiller sizing for your facility. Both air- and water-cooled chillers provide effective chilling systems. You can find more in-depth information about chilling products on our KKT Chiller website.

Chiller Sizing

Now that we understand how chillers function and in which facility they thrive, it’s time to unpack more about chiller sizing. At KKT, with over 30 years of experience, we offer a variety of sizing options for chillers. 

Listed below are the products that work best for your specific needs:

Nema-Line: 1-7 kW

  •  Made perfectly to fit in compact spaces, if you’re tight on space, don’t compromise the chilling effect.

Vario-Line: 6-28 kW

  • The Vario-line will ease your worries about capacity loads as it will automatically adjust to suit the load. This chiller is more energy-efficient and is perfect for cost-saving and efficient cooling.

Compact-Line: 30-200 kW

  • Strong performance efficiency and, just like its name, it’s compact so you won’t have to worry about space.

KSC 215 L-US: 60 kW

  • This made in Germany chiller is the right fit for health care facilities

Contact us for a more in-depth look at personalized chiller sizes for your facility.